Sep 27, 2014

i have this bad habits

i have this bad habit of getting close to people 
and thinking that their always going to be by my side, 
but eventually they always leave.

i have this bad habit of loving people a little too much, 
when they don't even love me back, and when they leave me, 
my heart feels like someone threw it from the sky.

i have this bad habit of caring for people, 
when they don't even care about me at all. 
Perhaps, if they saw through my eyes,
they'll see the scars i have deep down inside.

im tired. im tired. im tired. 
i wish feelings didn't exist. 
why do feelings exist anyways ? 
i always fall for everything and let it destroy me. 

its my fault after all, 

but, i still have hope, 
that one day, 
i ll found a person that shares the same bad habits as me.